The new Kokomo is now sailing off Auckland...

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The new Kokomo is now sailing off Auckland...

Recent Launches

At 58.4m, not only is she Alloy Yachts’ longest and largest launch to date, but also she can claim title as the biggest yacht ever to launch in New Zealand.

MARCH 2010

An aluminium flybridge sloop, she is the third Kokomo the yard has built for Australian billionaire Lang Walker.
Like the previous ones – the ’00-launched 40.4m (133ft), now Nuberu Blau, and the ’06-launched 51.7m (170ft), now Konkordia – she’s a Dubois design with a Redman Whiteley Dixon interior. She left the yard in December ’09. Like most of the yard’s bigger projects she was floated down river minus her rudder and keel on a twin-hulled barge, owing to the shallowness of the tidal creek behind the yard, which is in the Henderson district of Auckland.
When she finally leaves Auckland she will head for Australia first and later head up to the Mediterranean.

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