Amels launches 171 No6 ‘Bel Abri’ ahead of schedule...

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Amels launches 171 No6 ‘Bel Abri’ ahead of schedule...

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Her first voyage will take her and her owners to the Norwegian fjords, after which she will be available for charter via Imperial Yachts.

APRIL 2010

“We are very pleased with how smoothly the project has gone,” commented Amels’ managing director Rob Luijendijk. “For example it is not unknown for some superyachts to take five days to pass their acceptance sea trial, and yet Bel Abri received full approval from Lloyds Register and the owner’s representative within a single day, something of which we’re very proud.”
When British designer Tim Heywood drew the sleek lines of the Amels 171, he took his inspiration from the sweeping curves of Italian sports car design of the 1930s. “I aimed to achieve a look that I would describe as ‘athletically feminine’,” he said. “Also, I incorporated some of the styling features that normally you’d only find on much larger yachts. I wanted the Amels 171 to feel like a very grand yacht. For example it has a fabulous 20m sundeck, which would not look out of place on a 90m yacht.”
Among the many personal touches to Bel Abri, there is a big focus on outdoor living, with a larger-than-usual jacuzzi and a windbreak on the sundeck. The space usually allocated for a main-deck starboard cabin has been used to create an expanded owner’s suite which you would normally only expect to find on a much yacht of 60m or more. With accommodation for up to 12 guests and 13 crew, the layout and facilities of the Amels 171 have been designed to deliver very high standards of service to all the guests. “We believe it is important that the crew facilities are of the highest standard,” said Luijendijk, “because if the yacht looks after the crew, the crew will look after the guests.”
Bel Abri’s interior has been styled by Italian architect Laura Sessa. “Each deck highlights a different type of wood, such as maple, walnut and sycamore,” explains Sessa. “For example maple is featured on the main deck and zebrano on the bridge deck, with the dark wood sucupira running as a common theme throughout the whole interior... I find that on yachts of this size that the bridge deck is where the owner tends to spend the majority of his time, where he has breakfast with the family, and so we have white and blue colours in the fabrics to maintain that connection with the sea outside.”
Bel Abri is the first of the Amels 171 range to be made available for charter. But first, for her maiden voyage, the yacht will provide the owner with an opportunity to explore the spectacular fjords of Norway in May. Later in the summer Bel Abri will head south to the Mediterranean where she will become available for charter before being exhibited at the Monaco Yacht Show 2010 in September.
Evgeniy Kochman and Imperial Yachts is handling the owner’s representation and charter of Bel Abri.
Vlissingen, Holland-based Amels claims to be running at full capacity with nine projects currently underway.
“Considering the challenging economic conditions in the global economy these past two years,” says Rob Luijendijk, “we are delighted to be so busy with the planning and build of various yachts in our Limited Editions range ‒ Amels 171, 177, 199 and 212, as well as Damen’s 50m and 67m Sea Axe fast-support vessels”
Amels is part of the Damen Shipyards Group, which consists of more than 34 shipyards and marine-related companies throughout the world. The family-owned company, employs over 6,700 people, delivered 150 vessels in 2009 and has an annual turnover of approximately €1.4 billion.

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