Holland Jachtbouw's ‘Athos’ in-water...

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Holland Jachtbouw's ‘Athos’ in-water...

Recent Launches

With an LOA of 62m, this Andre Hoek-designed beauty now ranks as the world’s largest privately owned two-masted schooner.

APRIL 2010

Because she was too heavy to lift with a crane, the wheels of a giant trailer were carefully inserted under her cradle and the entire 400-tonne load was carefully driven on to a pontoon in front of the yard. The next stage of this major logistical operation saw the barge and its cargo towed on a two-day journey from HJB in Zaandam, which is on the Ijsselmeer and close to Amsterdam, to the northern Dutch freshwater port of Harlingen. It was there that her deep-V hull made her first contact with water thanks to a massive 2,000-tonne hoist.
Once afloat the yacht was then towed back to the yard.
She is presently having her Rondal-built rig stepped. Her 62m (203ft) main mast is actually the longest to have been built in Holland and, like the 15m (49ft) fore boom and 23.5m (77ft) main boom, is made of carbonfibre.

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