Aerion Express 33 goes ‘green’...

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Aerion Express 33 goes ‘green’...

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One of the iconic American day-sailers was recently delivered with a Mastervolt electric saildrive and lithium-ion battery installation; she motors in complete silence.

MAY 2010

Warren, Rhode Island, USA-based Pearson Composites has just delivered one of its Alerion Express 33 day-sailers with a Mastervolt lithium-ion electric saildrive installation. The client is Canadian who wanted a particularly quiet boat; and when this boat motors she is sai to be completely silent, save for hull and wave noise.
The system mates Mastervolt's 7.5kW saildrive system with a MLI 24/160 Li-Ion battery. On a single charge it should give the Alerion Express a range of around 15-20nm – but the envelope changes with speed, number of crew, wind and weather conditions etc. Additional battery packs will extend the range.
Maneuvering, especially when berth or mooring, is made easier because, with electric motors, full torque is available the moment the motor is put in gear. So, acceleration and stopping power are noticeably stronger than with conventional power.

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