Moonen 97 No3 ‘Livia’...

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Moonen 97 No3 ‘Livia’...

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This steel/aluminium displacement yacht has a René van der Velden exterior and a ‘New England beachhouse’ interior conceived by Art-Line.

MAY 2010

MY Livia's round-bilged steel hull was engineered by Diana Yacht Design. Thanks to tankage for some 28,000 litres of fuel, she has a trans-Atlantic capability.
This yacht is said to particularly benefit from a comprehensive sound and vibration attenuation programme, which includes a highly skewed propeller that delivers 50 per cent more clearance between the blade tip and hull surface.
The Moonen 97 is an evolutionary design based on two prior Moonens: The semi-series Moonen 84, of which quite a few have been built, and the custom-built Moonen 96 Clementine. The first two Moonen 97s were Darsea and Sofia II. A fourth is set for delivery early in 2011.

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