Palmer Johnson delivers ‘Vantage’...

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Palmer Johnson delivers ‘Vantage’...

Recent Launches

She’s the seventh of the successful 46m (150ft) PJ150 Super Sport series.

MAY 2010

The design is striking regardless of colour scheme. But it has to be said the cream and anthracite really turns heads.
The interior is equally masculine. Interior bulkheads and soles are bleached teak with zebrano, wengé, pine and metal accents.
The colour palette is a soothing combination of chocolate browns, creams and blues with fabrics from Aura, Nicotrend and Rubelli. Owners and guest en suite bathrooms feature Apavisa tiles and Matrix and Crema Rosal marbles.
She launched and began her sea-trials on May 17. She is due to arrive in the Med in late June.
Palmer Johnson has now delivered seven PJ120s, four PJ135’s, seven PJ150s and three of PJ123 Flys.
Work in progress includes the fifth PJ135, two of the new PJ170 series and two of the new PJ210 series. Plus there is a PJ 82m ‘Global Explorer’ project in build in Norway, although we understand that project is presently stalled.

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