Innovative JP54 — a Kiwi-built high-performance cruiser with a twist...

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Innovative JP54 — a Kiwi-built high-performance cruiser with a twist...

Recent Launches

An interior module swings most of the interior weight to windward at the flick of a switch. Note the pivot point on the underside of the coachroof!

JUNE 2010

She based on a concept by French ocean racer Jean-Pierre Dick’s cruising vision, but the design translation comes from Guillaume Verdier and the interior by Stéphanie Marin.
Light and very fast, the JP54 is being built by Absolute Dreamer of Auckland, New Zealand. One of the most interesting things about this design is the interior. A pod in the centre of the boat combines galley and chart table, as well as batteries, hydraulics and storage space. The loaded weight of it (600kg) can be transferred windward in a few seconds just by pressing a button. It is the first time that a concept such as this has been put into use on a cruising yacht. The gain is important both in terms of performance and comfort on board. It means those working in the galley or at the chart table are always to windward.
The first one recently launched and will be in France this summer.

Basic Spec – JP54...
LOA: 18.3m (60ft)
Hull: 16.45m (54ft)
Max Beam: 5.3m (17ft 5in)
Air Draught: 25.10m (82ft 4in)
Displacement: 9.0 tonnes (19,800lbs)
Sail Area (Upwind): 216m² (2,323ft²)
Sail Area (Downwind) 434m² (4,669ft²)
Naval Architect: Guillaume Verdier
Interior Design: Stéphanie Marin
Concept: Jean-Pierre Dick
Builder: Absolute Dreamer, NZ

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