Pershing 115 No9...

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Pershing 115 No9...

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Thanks to triple water-jets, twin 3,700hp MTUs and a 5,100hp-plus gas-turbine she has a top speed of around 52 knots.


Hull No9 of the Pershing 115, the flagship model of the Pershing portfolio, launched at Marina dei Cesari, Fano, the resort town on Italy’s east coast on January 12. This 'pearl white' beauty is pushed and steered by twin 3,700hp MTUs and Kamewa Rolls-Royce water-jets to 38 knots, but can get up to 52 knots with the additional help of her booster unit, a 5,100hp-plus Vericor TF50 gas turbine and central water-jet thruster.

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