The iconic J-Class 'Endeavour' is back afloat...

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The iconic J-Class 'Endeavour' is back afloat...

Recent Launches

She was relaunched by Yachting Deveelopments after an 18-month refit programme.


The iconic 1934-built and since rebuilt several times classic J-Class Endeavour has been relaunched in Auckland, New Zealand by Yachting Developments. She arrived at the yard, which is now located at the Hobsonville Airbase, near Auckland, in April ’10 for what became a major 18-month refit. Her sailing trials are now conplete and she has been recommissioned.
The long job list included new weather decks, the moving of steel deck framing to accommodate the new load paths associated with the new deck, new main engine, new generators, new Southern Spars carbonfibre mast, sails, deck hardware and sailing handling equipment, as well as onboard system upgrades and a repaint. Plus the crew accommodation before the mast has been reconfigured by John Munford and Adam Lay.
As a historic vessel, absolute care has been taken to preserve as much of the vessel as practical while taking advantage of 21st century sailing systems, enhanced safety and improved functionality.
Dykstra & Partners designed the new sail plan, deck layout and structural engineering.
The project management for the owner was handled by Jon Barrett Associates.

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