The Futura 53 flybridge catamaran...

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The Futura 53 flybridge catamaran...

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Her hulls slide in and out to vary the beam from 4.80m-7.95m.


The 14.98m (49ft) Judel/Vrolijk-designed Futura 53 flybridge catamaran, hanks to a patented mechanism, can sail with her hulls pushed out and a maximum beam of 7.95m (26ft), but when its time to visit the marina her hulls can be retracted to reduce the beam to just 4.80m (15ft 8in). The transformation is made with the push of a button in the cockpit. The process takes about a minute in both directions.
The mechanism makes use of carbonfibre cross-beams. They are powered in and out my twin 24V motors, although there is also a manual back-up system. For safety reasons it is not possible to sail with a reduced beam and slide in and out mechanism can only be activated in calm water. Once the hulls are out, the connection between the two and the central platform is suitably stiff. And the buoyancy of the hulls means she is virtually unsinkable.
Another important advantage of the Futura 53 is the central pod. There are few limits to interior design in there because there are no bulk-heads to get in the way. So she can be as easily configured for private owners as for charter, or houseboat or excursion day-boat. Overall the interior provides 40m² (430ft²) of floor area with 2.25m (7ft 4in) of headroom.
The Futura 53 is being built in northern Germany by Balticat, which is located at Arnis, near Kappeln.

Basic Spec – Futura 53...
LOA: 14.98m (49ft)
LWL: 14.4m (47ft)
Max Beam: 7.95m (26ft)
Min Beam: 4.80m (15ft 8in)
Draught: 1.12m (3ft 8in)
Weight: 7.9 tonnes (15,840lbs)
Air Draught: 23.40m (76ft 8in)
Sail Area: 126m² (1,355ft²)
Fuel: 440L (116 US gals)
Water: 400L (106 US gals)
Designer: Judel/Vrolijk

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