The latest addition to the Kiwi 40FC fleet...

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The latest addition to the Kiwi 40FC fleet...

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She’s No3, the Hake Marine-built ‘Bodacious Dream'.


December 6 saw the latest addition to the Kiwi 40FC fleet Bodacious Dream launch in Wellington, New Zealand, in pouring rain. She’s BTBoats NZ’s third Farr-designed Kiwi 40FC, which complies with Class40 rules. The contract builder was Hakes Marine in Wellington.
The owner of Bodacious Dream, American Dave Rearick, plans to set sail for the USA in early February. The race schedule includes the Atlantic Cup, which kicks off on May 12 in Charleston, South Carolina, and concludes in Newport, Rhode Island.
BTBoats NZ was founded in ’09 by Lapo Ancillotti and Francesco Piva to develop the Kiwi 40FC to the Class 40 rule. Thus far around 90 boats around the world have been developed to this box rule.

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