Southern Wind’s latest launch...

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Southern Wind’s latest launch...

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She’s ‘Almagores II’, the first SW102DS.

MAY 2012

Founded in ’92 by Italian major shareholder Guglielmo 'Willy' Persico, the Athlone, Cape Town-based Southern Wind Shipyard specialises in semi-custom composite sailing yachts from 72-120ft. Located a few kilometres from Cape town International Airport, the yard spreads over a 17,000m² site, 12,000m² of which is covered. It employs around 300 people, 150 or so of which are women.
Apart from perhaps a closer order book horizon, the Southern Wind Shipyard has survived the downturn of the past four year pretty well. It employs about 75 more people than it did six years ago and during those past six years it has delivered no fewer than 13 SW100s (nine DSs and then four RSs), one SW110 and one SW94.
Current work in progress includes SW102DS No1 Almagores II – which went into the water in early May ’12, departs South Africa in July and should put in an appearance at Monaco '12 – SW102DS No2 Atalante, which delivers for late ’12/early ’13, SW94 No2, which launches for summer ’12, and SW82RS No1, which delivers in ‘13. Over the past 20 years its new-builds have got steadily larger.
Yard sales/marketing is handled from Persico’s Pegaso Yachts operation in Genoa. Current yard capacity would be around 33.5m (120ft), although concepts have been explored up to 130ft.
The Southern Wind Shipyard is managed by Marco Alberti.

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