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July 12, 2009


Slap down...

Behaving professionally in this business can be difficult. Get in right and it goes unnoticed. Get it wrong and the consequences can be severe. Read more, see more >

June 30, 2008


Risky Business...

Ever-tightening Health and Safety requirements, as well as fears of litigation, are squeezing the fun and enjoyment out of an industry that requires both in full measure, says Phil Draper.  Read more, see more >

May 19, 2008


Of Slow Boats And China...

Life is now very tough for yachtbuilders the world over and it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, says Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

March 18, 2008


Changes And Challenges...

Things are really bad in the US market just now and don't let anyone suggest any different, says Phil Draper Read more, see more >

March 14, 2008


Of Dogs and Doings...

This industry's full of funny stories. Wouldn't it be good to record as many as we can, so they don't get lost forever? Read more, see more >

November 04, 2007


American Pie...

With the US dollar where it is currently, and with the euro where it is, American builders ought to be cleaning up in Europe. But they aren't, because hardly any of them design and build boats to international tastes, says Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

September 23, 2007


Major League...

If the results of the key early autumn '07 shows are anything to go by, all the 'Euro-Majors' are still looking good for their '07/08 years, says Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

August 19, 2007


Trading Futures?

Demand is such at the very top end of the yachtbuilding market that a few owners are apparently selling build slots among themselves, says Phil Draper. Unbelievable or what? Read more, see more >

July 30, 2007


Light Fingers...

Theft at work can be a major problem, as clearly demonstrated in a recent case at Sunseeker International in the UK, says Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

May 11, 2007


Classic Formula...

Riva and its Rivas are every bit as good today as they were in the past. Innovation and quality underpin the brand, but it's showmanship that really counts, suggests Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

March 04, 2007


Executive Decision...

Fairline is one of the impressively managed boatbuilding operations in the world, according to Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

January 10, 2007


Frequency Modulation...

Going into 2007 everything still looks rosy in most major marine leisure markets. The only real exceptions are Germany and the USA, says Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

November 28, 2006


Passion Plays...

Paolo Vitelli, owner-president of Azimut-Benetti, and Robert Braithwaite, major shareholder in Sunseeker International, have both built up hugely successful businesses over the past three or four decades. And neither has plans to sell, says Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

September 09, 2006


Dress Code...

You can't judge books by their covers and it's best not to try and do the same with potential yacht owners either, says Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

July 18, 2006


Leopards And Spots...

Sanlorenzo is being driven by a very smart management team. Don't believe them when they say they're going to keep it small! Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

May 30, 2006


Clear View...

Keeping your yard neat and tidy says a lot about the sort of company you are... Are you sure that you're projecting the right image? Phil Draper talks dirty. Read more, see more >

March 10, 2006


Show Stoppers...

Make sure you get the most from your expensive exhibition stand, suggests Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

November 28, 2005


Not So Smart...

It's a shame Dyson or Apple Macintosh don't make phones, suggests Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

July 31, 2005


Come Rain Or Shine...

What will the new season bring. Fair weather? Or foul? Phil Draper weighs the evidence. Read more, see more >

April 17, 2005


Cat Calls...

The cruising-catamaran market has its own dynamic — different clients, different attitudes, says Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

February 07, 2005


Big Deal...

Volvo Penta's IPS development is a major advance, says Phil Draper. And don't let anyone tell you different. Read more, see more >

October 20, 2004


Let There Be Light!

Hull windows are here to stay thanks to Azimut and Ferretti, says Phil Draper.  Read more, see more >

July 29, 2004


Sharp Practice...

Why do the classification societies pass some of the more extreme forms of design, particularly those that are potentially dangerous? Phil Draper can't understand them. Read more, see more >

April 25, 2004


Crash Course...

Is a major crash imminent? Well not yet, says Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

February 10, 2004


Crystal Balls...

Cyclicality in the marine industry is still the norm. Isn't it? Phil Draper wonders whether things have changed. Read more, see more >

October 20, 2003


Closed Minds?

Closed-mould processes are only going to become more prevalent, says Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

April 03, 2003


Boxing Clever...

There's some exceeding clever interpretations of production technology at Azimut, says Phil Draper. Read more, see more >

February 16, 2003


Walk The Talk...

Major developments for Spanish motorboat builder Rodman took some believing. But Phil Draper was wrong. Read more, see more >