Lila-Lou’s 108m axe-bow concept...

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Lila-Lou’s 108m axe-bow concept...


The London-based styling house recently unveiled this striking design exercise.

MAY 2009

Beyond lines that Jules Verne would no doubt have approved, one of the most interesting features of this one is the forward-view salon that sits in the bow beneath the helideck. One can only imagine the technical challenge of actually creating that one, which probably would only be surpassed by the effort involved in getting it ticked off by the classification bodies. Assuming it was considered a wet-deck area, how think would the glass need to be? And could curved glass of those dimensions really be made? Thought provoking!
The apparent traditional sheer is also nice to see; but the freeboard looks to be a little on the low side.
Also technically interesting is the beach-terrace affair at her stern, which looks like the massive garage includes flaps that fold out to increase the usable area.
Lila-Lou is owned by designers Alex Isaac, formerly with Dickie Bannenberg’s studio, and Kimberly Williams. Independent artist-designer Mauro Giamboi worked on the exterior lines.

Basic spec – Lila-Lou’s ‘G108’ concept...
LOA: 108m (354ft)
Beam: 19m (62ft)
Guests: 22
Crew: 44
Max Speed: 25-plus knots
Cruise Speed: 20 knots

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