CRN and Riva – a long-term co-operation that just got better...

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CRN and Riva – a long-term co-operation that just got better...


The two Ferretti Group operations are to combine their talents to create a new range of stunning superyachts in the 50-80m range. This first design to be unveiled in 68m.


The styling on offer will come from Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta's Officina Italiana Design studio in Bergamo, the team responsible for the entire current Riva portfolio, and the big-boat expertise and engineering inputs come from CRN’s in-house team in Ancona.
This most recent collaboration shouldn’t come as a surprise. The connections actually go way back, long before their present union within the Ferretti Group.
Carlo Riva was building yachts with the Ancona yard in the ‘70s. In all five 23.5m (77ft) ‘Marco Polo Series’ motoryachts and two different length ‘Vespucci’ models ‒ one 27.4 (90ft) and the other 30.5m (100ft) ‒ were launched between ‘70-78.
And the Ancona yard today contract moulds the present Riva flagship, the Athena 115.
“Combining the two in this way just seems so natural,” says Lamberto Tacoli, the former chairman of CRN who has just recently been appointed as group sales and marketing director. “CRN and Riva are both acknowledged brands of excellence.”
The first proposal is a 68m (223ft) ‘CRN Riva’. It was shown for the first time at the 2009 Monaco Yacht Show. But more are planned. The next to unveil will be a 50m (164ft).
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