The Neonemo – a 42m (137ft) diesel-electric hybrid...

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The Neonemo – a 42m (137ft) diesel-electric hybrid...


This avante garde-looking ultra-stable steel/aluminium explorer yacht project was conceived jointly by Canada-based naval architect Pat Bray and the UK-based stylist Ken Freivokh. They claim this already tank-tested semi-displacement hull form when slowed down to around six knots could be capable of cruising on battery power alone for up to five hours.

The hull is conically projected and double-chined with wide spray knocker and flared bow. It has been longitudinally framed for strength and ease of construction. Appendages include a bulbous bow, mid-ship bulbs, stern bulb, fixed/active stabilizers, and a bi-foil under each of her two controllable-pitch propellers.
Her range would be around 4,000nm at 14 knots. Her top speed would be around 16.

Powering Predictions – Project Neonemo...
6 knots: 2 x 45hp hybrid ‒ fuel consumption 0 US gal/hr range ‒ 30nm
10 knots: 2 x 158hp ‒ fuel consumption 15.2 US gal/hr range ‒ 8,200nm
12 knots: 2 x 288hp ‒ fuel consumption 26.4 US gal/hr range ‒ 5,600nm
14 knots: 2 x 470hp ‒ fuel consumption 42.2 US gal/hr range ‒ 4,150nm
16 knots: 2 x 843hp ‒ fuel consumption 74.3 US gal/hr range ‒ 2,690nm

Stability Prediction (half loaded, intact) ‒ Project Neonemo...
Positive righting arm to 160 degrees
Max righting arm @ 89 degrees
GM: 1.37m (4ft 6in)

Basic Spec – Project Neonemo...
LOA: 41.8m (137ft)
LWL: 40.2m (132ft)
Max Beam: 8.5m (28ft)
Draught: 2.13m (7ft 0in)
Displacement (SW): 223 tonnes (491,000lbs)
Fuel: 3,300 litres (12,500 US gals)
Water: 790 litres (3,000 US gals)
Grey & Black Water Capacity 700 US gal. each
New & Used lube oil storage 150 US gal. each
Main Engines: 2 x 900hp intermittent rating diesels
Gensets: 2 x 60kW
Watermakers: 2 x (1,500 US gals per day)
Construction: Neonemo
Naval Architecture: Patrick Bray Yacht Design & Research
Exterior/Interior Styling: Ken Freivokh Design

The design includes a massive adventure deck aft, a space capable of carrying a mini-sub, seaplane, helicopter or perhaps a sports-fishingboat.

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