Pharos Marine’s ‘Orcageno’ 60m concept...

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Pharos Marine’s ‘Orcageno’ 60m concept...


An axe-bow design proposed with hydrogen/diesel-electric propulsion.


The Alexandria, Egypt-based firm of naval architects says the profile was inspired by killer and sperm whales – and certainly there’s a distinct suggestion of orca about her lines, owing to the axe-bow treatment and the way the superstructure blends down to the foredeck.
The propulsion suggestion is a hybrid hydrogen/diesel-electric system. Essentially this means internal combustion engines that can run on hydrogen or diesel; they in turn power generators that turn azimuthing-thruster units, as would be the case with a more conventional diesel-electric set-up.
The motivation behind the hydrogen route is the fact that the fuel contains three times the energy available in diesel oil – as well as the absence of carbon monoxide or dioxide in exhaust gases – a true zero carbon foot print.
But, of course, the price to pay for that extra fuel efficiency is the potential danger of the fuel itself. So needless to say the design includes rigorous detail engineering and systems management with regard to the loading and storage of liquid hydrogen.
The hull form is relatively slender at 12m (39ft 4in) and said to perform very efficiently. Suggested ranges for Orcageno in hydrogen mode are certainly attractive ‒ something like 3,500nm at 10 knots and 1,800nm at around 18 knots.

Basic Spec – Project ‘Orcageno’...
LOA: 60.00m (197ft)
LWL: 59.80m (196ft)
Beam (Max): 12.00m (39ft 4in)
Draught: 2.74m (9ft)
Speed (Maximum/Cruise): 18/10 Knot
Range @ 18 knot: 7,100nm
Range @ 10 knot: 13,500nm
Fuel: 170,000L (45,000 US gals)
Liquid Hydrogen: 220,000L (58,140 US gals)
Water: 19,500L (5,150 US gals)
Owners/Guests: 12
Crew: 14
Hull Type: Displacement
Displacement (Full Load): 762 tonnes (1,676,000lbs)
Construction: Steel/Aluminum
Classification: RINA, MCA

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