The 100ft SpeedDream...

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The 100ft SpeedDream...


Radical boat designer Vlad Murnikov is assembling a new international team of designers, engineers, adventurers, and sponsors to shatter present monohull speed-sailing records.


"The SpeedDream Team will comprise specialists with diverse expertise in offshore racing yachts such as Volvo 70s, which have topped 40 knots, multihulls and powerboats, hydrodynamics, structural engineering and advanced composites," says Murnikov, who those interested in ocean racing may recall was the designer and project leader 20-odd years ago of Fazisi, Russia's first-ever entry in the Whitbread Round the World Race. She didn’t win, but she was very quick; she proved to be among the fastest offshore monohulls at the time, with top speeds approaching 30 knots. During the race she had the second longest day run of 386
nautical miles.
Murnikov is confident that, with the right crew and weather conditions, his new design will cross the Atlantic in record time reaching top speeds in excess of 50 knots.
"With sustained speeds averaging 40-45 knots, SpeedDream will certainly break the 24-hour monohull speed record and could conceivably break the 1,000-miles-in-a-day barrier,” he says. “No other sailboat has ever come close to this before."
Murnikov believes his unique SpeedDream concept improves upon the once-revolutionary Fazisi blueprint... His finished boat will feature an extremely light 30.5m (100ft) hull with a displacement of just 18 tonnes. The maximum beam is 6m (20ft), but the beam at the waterline is just 3m (10ft). Its slender triangular shape with super-sharp wavepiercing bow will possess extremely low water resistance and will cut through waves
without pitching, slamming or slowing. A canting keel on a 5.5m (18ft) strut and specially designed hydrofoils will provide ample stability to carry a generous sail plan on a 36.6m (120ft) carbonfibre mast. Since at fast speeds the deck will submerge frequently, it will be sculptured to shed water quickly, reduce resistance, and provide sufficient protection for the crew.
For more, email Vlad Murnikov is based in Boston, Mass, USA.

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