BMT Nigel Gee and Design Unlimited concept collaboration...

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BMT Nigel Gee and Design Unlimited concept collaboration...


They have worked together on this 40m power-cat project that really pushes the envelope in terms of interior space as only a cat can while still slipping in under the 500GT rule.

MARCH 2010

The BNT Nigel Gee hull form is proven and various propulsion packages are proposed. Pushed along by twin 1,432kW 12V2000 MTU diesels and conventional shafts and props, the basic specification suggests 20-knot top speed and a range of 2,600nm at 12 knots; the fastest offers water-jet propulsion and up to 40 knots.
Coming in just under the 500GT rule, she’s pushing the boundaries as regards space like most vessels doing the same, but her substantial 11.8m (38ft 8in) beam means about as much useable space across her three decks as it is possible to get without pushing beyond the threshold. As demonstrated by Design Unlimited, the main-deck level is positively palatial in its possibilities.

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