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British superyacht designer Stephen Huish recently revealed his visions for Dutch yard Icon Yachts’ acclaimed 60-70m technical platform.

MARCH 2010

Here are the designs for 62m (203ft) and 70m (230ft) projects. The grey hull is the Icon 62 and the blue the Icon 70.
London-based Huish has worked with Icon’s managing director Wim Koersvelt before; they collaborated when the former worked with Don Starkey.
Huish says he aimed for a much simpler look than previous designs; he wanted a more youthful feel. He says these designs’ angled sides and windscreens suggest speed, but are not complicated as regards construction.
Beyond what we’re allowed to reveal at this stage, there’s plenty of innovation in these concepts.
The big benefits of Icon’s ‘optimized platform’ approach, quite unique in many regards, is that owners get the ability to make a statement in terms of both exterior lines and interior styling, but still gain from a proven technical package, which in turn delivers a significantly lower price for what is, first and foremost, the very best Dutch quality.

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