Pat Bray 42m Ocean Explorer...

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Pat Bray 42m Ocean Explorer...


It’s not usual for 42m yachts to provide helicopter decks, but this wide-hull design goes way beyond ‘touch-and-go’. She’s been designed around a hangar big enough for an EC135 to stow cleanly without folding the rotors.

MAY 2010

The innovative solution from White Rock, British Columbia-based firm Bray Yacht Design allows the helicopter to be lowered down into the hull with shallow trough-hatches for the blades – you can see them clearly in the deck plans below. And when the aircraft is stowed away from the ravages of salt-water corrosion, the adventure deck is free for all sorts of onboard activities, including the landing space for a guest helicopter.
The hangar system places the helicopter into what would typically be the central engine room space, but in this case the below-decks area is split into port and starboard mechanical bays either side of the hangar. Diesel/electric propulsion is the favoured solution – the electric motors would mount on the prop shafts below the sole plates – although a standard twin diesel set-up with Aquadrive couplings would also work.
She would have a trans-Atlantic range at 12 knots.
The hull is a conically projected and double-chined with wide spray knocker, flared bow and a transom stern. The longitudinal framing system, with its wide-spaced transverse webs, gives maximum strength and ease of construction. Advanced technology appendages, including a bulbous bow, midship bulb, stern bulb, and propeller bi-foils, combine to further reduce resistance. The overall efficiency of the set-up allows for the 10m (32ft 10in) beam that means there’s also plenty of accommodation for 12 guests and a crew of 10.

Basic Spec – Ocean Explorer 42m...
LOA: 42m (137ft 10in)
LWL: 37.85m (124ft 2in)
Max Beam: 10m (32ft 10in)
Draught: 2.75m (9ft)
Displacement: (S.W.) 340 tonnes (750,000lbs)
Main Engines (Electric): 2 x 700hp (Intermittent)
Generators (Diesels): 4 x 280kW, 1 x 55kW
— 12 knots: 2 x 220hp (25.0 US gals/hour), 5,000nm
— 14 knots: 2 x 490hp (53.0 US gals/hour), 2,600nm
— 15 knots: 2 x 640hp (69 US gals/hour), 2,000nm
Fuel: 37,850L (10,000 US gals)
Water: 5,675L (1,500 US gals)
Jet Fuel: 5,000L (1,320 US gals)
Construction: Steel/Aluminium
Classification: ABS, MCA

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