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Smaller WHY...


Following the launch of the 58x38m WHY concept in August ’09, a 37x24m steel trideck design has been developed.

MAY 2010

Like the bigger sister, she’s based on a hull design by Norwegian Roar Ramde; it’s known as the ‘Ramform’. Naval architects Mauro Sculli and Claudio Cicconetti have also been involved. This vessel's top speed would be around 11.5 knots; the cruising speed would be 10 knots, at which she would have a range of around 8,000nm.
With ‘living accommodation of almost 1,000m2 (10,760ft2), the WHY 37x24m (121x79ft) will cater for up to 10 guests with a crew complement of up to 15.
Wally is adamant it is continuing with the WHY concept, despite the withdrawl of original partner Hermes, which is the ‘H’ in WHY.
The target prices is €42-45 million.
Having built a full-scale mock-up a year ago of the 58x38m (190x125ft) WHY and since made all manner of tweaks to the design, Wally/WHY has received bid packages from three yards – two in Europe and one in the USA.
To better exploit the project, Wally has recently signed a business partnership with brokerage houses YCO and Yachting Partners International (YPI Group).

Basic Spec — WHY 37x24m...
LOA: 37m (121ft)
Max Beam: 24m (79ft)
Draught: 2.3m (7ft 6in)
Displacement: 700 tonnes (1,540,000lbs)
Propulsion: Diesel-electric 960kW, twin shafts and props
Construction: Steel

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