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Flyer 660 Vintage...


There are ‘60s influences in this Christian Grande-styled RIB.


At Genoa 50th International Boat Show, Italian company Flyer is presenting the 660 Vintage, a RIB billed to evoke the style of the ‘Swinging Sixties’, but more American Graffiti than Woodstock. The light-blue console, outboard engine cover, matching tube colour and those bench seats, plus plenty of stainless steel suggestive of chromium plating, all help deliver a retro-Cadillac flavour.
The design work was down to Christian Grande DesignWorks.

Basic Spec – Flyer 660...
LOA: 6.60m (21ft 8in)
Max Beam: 2.54m (8ft 4in)
Tube Diameter: 55cm (1ft 10in)
Tube Stage: 5
Displacement (dry without engine): 700kg (1,540lbs)
Maximum Power: 250hp
Fuel: 200L (53 US gals)
Water: 60L (16 US gals)
People on board: 12
CE Category: B

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