Infiniti Yachts inveils 55-150ft portfolio...

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Infiniti Yachts inveils 55-150ft portfolio...


Its models are billed ultra-fast and ultra-stable, all thanks to ‘dynamic stability systems’ that see lateral foils deployed to leeward.


The 2010 Monaco Yacht Show saw Infiniti Yachts unveil three high-performance sloop concepts that make use of DSS (dynamic stability system) technology. They are the Infiniti 55, 100 (pictured) and 150.
The DSS idea uses a foil which protrudes sideways from the hull to leeward. As the yacht heels, the completely invisible underwater appendages cut effortlessly through the water, stabilising pitch and damping the motion that comes with upwind-and-waves sailing. The foil provides enhanced stiffness as well, which causes less heeling and better rig power deliver.
DSS is very simple to operate ‒ when the foils are not required they are simply withrdrawn into their hulls using simple daggerboard-like systemws. On smaller yachts a single foil would be wound in and out of each side mechanically using a line and rollers; on larger yachts separate foils would be deployed hydraulically.
The performance claims are impressive. For instance, Infiniti Yachts says its 100 (shown here) should cruise comfortably in excess of 20 knots. Her typical upwind heel angles should be five to 10 degrees less when the foil is deployed.
Infiniti Yachts is the product of a convergence of expertise. The company was founded by Gordon Kay and naval architect Hugh Welbourn. The pair have previously collaborated successfully on a number of other yacht projects.
Infiniti Yachts is co-marketing its designs with yacht sales and management company Yachtzoo, which is based in Monaco and Fort Lauderdale.

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