The Custom Line 100...

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The Custom Line 100...


This simply stunning raised-pilothouse model takes the Ferretti Group portfolio in a new, younger and distinctly sportier direction.


The new Custom Line 100 is aimed at a younger client profile than the existing Custom line 97, 112 Next and 124 models. Indeed the old Custom Line 97 will not be replaced by the 100, but kept in the range for those preferring a more traditional approach.
She will sport a main-deck balconies and an owner’s suite up forward; note the way the forward half of her structure has been pumped up and the height of foredeck.
The Custom Line 100 is benefiting from the usual creative alliance ‒ Studio Zuccon International Project, the Ferretti Group’s in-house AYT and Centro Stile teams.
Custom Line 100 will be pushed along by twin 2,639mhp MTUs at up to 26 knots.

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