DLBA’S 'PCE 53' is fascinating...

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DLBA’S 'PCE 53' is fascinating...


The initials stand for Donald L Blount Associates and ‘Pleasant Climate Explorer’; the Chesapeake, Virginia-based yacht design and engineering specialist's focus for this 53m concept was sub-tropical/tropical terrestrial architecture. Love it!


The project brief was to explore the relationship between structure, lifestyle and the environment. The result is this 53m (174ft) motoryacht, which has allowed lifestyle and climate considerations to drive the creative process rather than the more usual yacht-defining parameters.
The result is akin to land-based architectural solutions in tropical and cub-tropical climates, where the boundaries between exterior and interior are often ambiguous, save for specific areas where safety and privacy are obviously required. There are multi-use areas and plenty of architectural transparency.
Primary features include a bi-level owner’s suite with removable and collapsible wall and roof sections, an outdoor galley and bar area as well as a traditional galley, two aft-facing cabana-style VIP staterooms overlooking the bathing-platform, and four fold-down sections of bulwark that provide around 80m² of deck overhanging the water.
We think she looks marvellous. There’s something of the New England beach house and colonial bungalow in there that makes you want to move in!

For more, www.dlba-inc.com

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