The new Dariel DT 14 CL...

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The new Dariel DT 14 CL...


Big open RIBs don’t get much sexier than this!

MARCH 2011

The Dariel DT14CL is the result of a collaboration between Cologne, near Milan, Italy-based Dariel Boats and Andrea Colli’s Alcore, near Milan-based design company Sireg h3o. The project rolls around two main elements: the large central console complete with its bold roof and windscreen, and an easy adaptable and multi-functional deck that can easily be modified to suit owner requirements. The ‘CL’ stands for ‘Custom Line’.
There is also plenty of choice as regards propulsion, everything from inboards and outboard engines to water-jets and up to 58 knots.

Basic Spec – Dariel DT14CL...
LOA: 13.65m (12ft 3in)
Max Beam: 3.73m (12ft 3in)
Tube Diameter: 0.4m (1ft 4in)
Internal Beam: 2.50m (8ft 3in)
Displacement: 6,000kg (13,227lbs)
No of Air Compartments: 6
Berths: 2
No of Passengers: 12

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