Kingship’s Ocean SUVs...

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Kingship’s Ocean SUVs...


Initially there will be a range of three Sergio Cutolo-drawn ‘cross-over’ designs – a 90, 116 and 150.

MARCH 2011

Hong Kong and China-based Kingship’s new Ocean SUV Series is intended to deliver 'cross-over' designs between conventional and expedition-style motoryachts. The idea is for these yachts to combine safe, economical and long-range capabilities with high levels of comfort. These unconventional designs by Sergio Cutolo at Varazze, Italy-based Hydro Tec are, says Kingship, the superyacht equivalents of SUVs/4x4s.
Initially there will be three models – 90, 116 and 150 with ranges of 5,000 nm, 7,500nm, and 9,500nm respectively.
The SUV 90 (shown) will be classed RINA/ MGN 280 Code Category 2, while SUV 116 and SUV 148 will both comply with RINA/ MCA LY-2 unlimited.

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