‘Recreational Island’ development partnership...

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‘Recreational Island’ development partnership...


BMT Nigel Gee is helping develop this Henry Ward-designed superyacht accessory.


BMT Nigel Gee, a design consultancy subsidiary of the BMT Group, is collaborating with Henry Ward Design in the development of its highly innovative ‘Recreational Island’ concept.
The idea is that this fold-up platform could launched from a superyacht like a tender and then serve as a guest feature close to the mother vessel or be towed to shoal waters by a tender. There could even be a floating-helipad version, which would free up valuable deck space and perhaps alleviate some of the safety issues associated with touch-and-go landings.
Henry Ward is a recent transport design graduate and the Recreational Island concept was conceived as part of his final-year project. Appreciative of the concept and its wide potential, Southampton, UK-based BMT Nigel Gee has agreed to undertake technical studies to assess feasibility and to engineer versions of the design further.
Both parties are also investigating the possibility of applying the Recreational Island concept to the hotel industry, as well as to the events and military sectors.
“We see many potential applications and, whilst we continue to develop the design technically, we are actively seeking manufacturing partners interested in bringing our ideas to market,” say Henry Ward.

For more, www.bmtyachts.com and www.henryward-design.com

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