Double bill at Sanlorenzo...

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Double bill at Sanlorenzo...

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The Italian motoryacht builder recently organised a joint-launch party for a father and daughter. Dad took delivery of an SD122 and at the same time presented his ‘little girl’ with an SD92.

JULY 2009

Double bill at Sanlorenzo...The SD92 Telli 3 is the ninth of those semi-displacement 27m ‘navetta’ models to deliver since ‘No1’ went into the water in September ‘07.
The SD122 FX is the second of the four of that 38m navetta model sold during the past year.
The pair where fitted out at Sanlorenzo’s navetta division in Viareggio.
The father is high-profile Italian Pietro Ferrari, son of the late great automotive legend Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the world’s most famous sports-car builder and Formula 1 motor-racing team. He has had many boats over the years. His previous 'big boat' was a Sanlorenzo 108 of the same name, which delivered back in ’04. Incidentally the ‘FX’ name was chosen because that was Ferrari’s project tag for the limited edition edition supercar that honoured the great man, the Ferrari ‘Enzo’.
Double bill at Sanlorenzo...
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