The 2009 Dykstra Cup...

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The 2009 Dykstra Cup...

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Five plumb-bow sailing yachts designed by Dykstra & Partners Naval Architects raced against each other for the line honors on October 17 on the Holland’s Ijsselmeer. The conditions for the inaugural Dykstra Cup were great − a sunny autumn day with a consistent breeze of 20 knots or so.


The competing boats included the 17m (56ft) Lisa, 15.2m (50ft) Abel T, the 16.2m (53ft) Alice, the 14.9m (49ft) Katharos and the 16m (53ft) Bestevaer 2. They set sail from Makkum and started in two different groups. The racing was close. Gerry Dijkstra was navigator on his own yacht Bestevaer 2; his wife Loontje was on the helm. They won on line honours.
The event, co-hosted by K&M Yachtbuilders and Dykstra & Partners, had a very special character. It is rare indeed for five such boats to race against each other, because normally their owners would have them adventure sailing in all corners of the globe. It would be hard to say if there will be a 2nd Cup in Holland next year, although − who knows? − maybe something similar could work in the Caribbean
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