A half dozen Oysters (almost)...

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A half dozen Oysters (almost)...

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The hull of first Oyster 100 came out of the mould in mid-September, following post-curing in the purpose-built 40m-long oven at contract builder RMK Marine in Tuzla, Turkey.


The keel stub was attached in late October and the hull was then weighed to determine longitudinal and vertical centres of gravity. Happily the weight and centre of gravity (CG) came out as predicted, proving the infusion process had not only produced a homogeneous and strong laminate, but also it had controlled resin flows well; it’s a +100A1 Lloyds’ classification hull.
At just over 20 tonnes, the hull structure weighs about 75 per cent of what it would have weighed had it been fabricated in aluminium.
As the internal joinery work, which has been built ‘off boat’ using the hull-tooling frames, much of it is said to be ready for rapid installation over the next few months. The interior is ‘fully floating’ in order to cut down noise and vibration.
Oyster Marine expects to launch its new flagship next summer and intends to show her at Monaco 2010. Oyster 100-01 will deliver to former Oyster Marine owner Richard Matthews, who sold his majority shareholding early last year for a rumoured £60 million. The new owner is Balmoral Capital, which also owns Italian motoryacht builder Canados.
And Oyster 100-02 is now sold, subject to contract, and lamination work on her hull has begun. Fit-out of 100-02 is scheduled to begin early next year with her launch planned for early 2011.
The idea is to have the first and second Oyster 100s racing in the Dubois Cup for June 2011!
Oyster 125-01 starts moulding at the end of January 2010. Her launch is scheduled for summer 2011 and in time for an appearance at Monaco 2011.
At this time it is uncertain whether the next lamination slot will go to Oyster 100-03 or Oyster 125-02. Both are said to be sold on handshakes, contracts pending. They are provisionally scheduled for summer 2011 and spring 2012 deliveries respectively.
The build time from signed contract to delivery is looking like 18 months and 21 months for the 100 and 125 Oysters.
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