Awlgrip’s new '3D Paint System Selector' tool...

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Awlgrip’s new '3D Paint System Selector' tool...

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It helps customers choose the best system for painting specific areas of a yacht.


The result of six months of development and intensive testing, the Paint System Selector on makes use of an animated 3D model. First, users choose the vessel area that they are interested to paint. Areas for selection include hull/topsides, exterior superstructure, clear coatings exterior, decks, clear coatings interior, component/hardware/frames and underwater hull.
The user can then choose the substrate or preferred system if the substrate is not an option. A typical system for the area/substrate will be displayed and the user will be able to link to each individual product datasheet. A pdf entitles ‘System Highlights’ can also be downloaded that gives an overview of the major features and benefits of each product in the system.
The Paint System Selector is easily accessible from the ‘Support & Advice’ drop-down menu. Planned system developments include a similar application for sailing yachts and sports-fishing vessels. has plenty of other useful tools too. For instance, there is its ‘VOC Calculator’, which will estimate the VOC emissions of an Awlgrip-specified painting project. Health and safety guidance videos and supporting notes also provide information on the precautions applicators should take during any project. Also available for download is the latest edition of the Awlgrip ‘Application Guide, Volume 14’, which is a reference tool for any applicator, builder, distributor, or customer wanting to know more about the Awlgrip coatings range; it covers everything from surface preparation through to maintenance of the final topcoat.

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