Update: Vripack’s SmartKit...

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Update: Vripack’s SmartKit...

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One of the first projects to benefit from this new design-and-build package is the new Gamma 20 motoryacht.


The SmartKit approach has allowed Italian company Gamma Yachts International’s first all-steel 20m (66ft) motoryacht to be built in just 7.5 months.
There are plenty of advantages of Vripack’s SmartKit system. Vripack provides highly detailed 3D engineering, which is broken down into a CNC-cut kit that is easy to pre-assemble. Not only does this mean a quicker fabrication process, but also a more accurate one, which in turn means less fairing. The reduction in total man-hours is claimed to be substantial.
This semi-planing yacht delivers 360° views from the wheelhouse and masses of sunlight to the interior. The standard GA provides for six guests and two crew.

For more, www.vripack.com and www.gamma-yachts.it

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