Spain’s Atollvic is upping capacity...

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Spain’s Atollvic is upping capacity...

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The Vigo, Galicia-based yard, a specialist in the construction of custom yachts in steel and aluminium, is expanding its facilities to 70m.

MARCH 2010

Atollvic’s 20,000m² (215,000ft²) site currently consists of two covered sheds and it’s the larger of these, currently 55m (180ft) long, that it plans to extend by a further 20m (66ft). The yard already has planning permission for the works. The planned extension will enable the yard to fundamentally enhance its offering, with accommodation for vessels up to 70m (230ft) in length.
“By extending our facilities in this way, we will be able to refit, repair and new-build the kind of large craft the superyacht market now demands,” says Marco Villar, an Atollvic director.
Atollvic is part of Grupo Vicalsa.

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