Yard-sponsored Privilège 745 arrives in Haïti...

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Yard-sponsored Privilège 745 arrives in Haïti...

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After 30 days sailing from the builder Alliaura Marine in France, she has finally delivered her relief supplies to Haïtian orphans. She will now continue on her delivery.

MARCH 2010

Sailing to the Canaries at an average of eight knots, the Privilège 745 had to stop for four or five days owing to strong winds. Then she crossed the Atlantic with more than five tons of food, medicines and clothes on board, and without trade winds.
Now, the boat is in the island L'île à Vache (Port Morgan), a little island off the Haïti mainland. The Mayor and the authorities welcomed the boat on Feb 25, early afternoon. Her cargo is now safe ashore and will be distributed to the orphanage that Alliaura’s owners have been supporting for a number of years.
The orphanage, managed by a Franciscan nun, Soeur Flora, normally has 58 Haïtian children in its care, but since the early January earthquake it has also been assisting 400 or so other children that attend a nearby school.
Now her mercy mission is complete, the Privilège 745 will soon depart for the USA.

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