Royal Van Lent’s expansion plans...

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Royal Van Lent’s expansion plans...

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Overall the facilities investment in the years ahead for the Feadship yard will total several million euros.

JUNE 2010

The first change will be to one of the yard’s two slipways, which is currently built on wooden piles and is unsuitable for yachts over 45m (148ft). Its capacity no longer fits with Royal Van Lent’s changing focus to yachts 60m (197ft) and above; that modernization is scheduled to start in August of this year and will involve underground work.
Royal Van Lent will also see widening the locks in the nearby city of Gouda from 12m (39ft 5in) to 14m (46ft). The bridges in the towns of Oude and Nieuwe Wetering will also be extended to the same width, with an expected completion during 2012.
Then finally one of its biggest dry-dock halls will be extended by 5m (16ft 5in). Construction there is due to start in August 2012.
Like its fellow Feadship yard Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw, Royal Van Lent has been building increasingly longer yachts over recent years. The biggest launch to date there was the 86m (282ft) Feadship Ecstasea, but she was a fast motoryacht with a relatively narrow beam; the beam dimension is the principal restriction, hence the lock and bridge widening plans.

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