Defaced Red Ensign for Jersey-registered vessels...

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Defaced Red Ensign for Jersey-registered vessels...

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Over 2,200 yachts around the world are eligible to fly the new flag.

JULY 2010

All vessels registered in Jersey are now entitled to fly a defaced Red Ensign bearing the offshore-finance centre’s distinctive Coat of Arms.
The island’s government recently approved the use of the new flag, which may be flown by any vessel registered in Jersey, either on the full British Ships Register or on the Local Small Ships Register, although the plain Red Ensign is still an option for those choosing not to fly the new defaced flag.
The distinctive design features the three leopards and Plantagenet Crown that reflects the Island’s strong British links.
The use of the island’s coat of arms had to be approved by various parties, including the Garter King of Arms at the College of Arms in London, and because the design features the Plantagenet Crown it has also received the approval of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll.
“A special ‘defaced’ ensign provides an attractive way for owners around the world to show their link with the Island,” says registrar Piers Baker.
Jersey, which accepts pleasure vessels up to 400 tons and commercial vessels up to 150 tons, currently has 2,267 yachts on its Shipping Register, including 28 over 24m (80ft) and 63 small commercial vessels such as workboats and charter yachts.
Applications for registration are welcome from individuals and bodies corporate in the EU, the Commonwealth, the Crown Dependencies, and UK Overseas Territories.
The fee scale is competitive and there is no annual charge.

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