True North’s ‘34G’...

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True North’s ‘34G’...

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She makes use of ‘Steyr Hybrid’ technology.

MARCH 2011

Warren, Rhode Island-based True North Yachts is developing a diesel-electric hybrid version of its well-established 34. Using ‘Steyr Hybrid’ technology, the ‘34G’ – we assume the ‘G’ is for ‘Green’ – will run for over four hours at up to six knots on an electric motor alone.
However, when quite running is not required, a the turn of a key will fire up her 280hp Steyr diesel for ‘conventional’ performance – meaning a 19-knot maximum cruise and 22-knot top end.
The True North 34G provides additional power-management innovations – such as LED interior, exterior and navigation lights and solar panels on the hardtop that will constantly charge battery banks when the engine isn't running. Overall, a carbonfibre hardtop, lightweight Steyr engine and compact Mastervolt batteries help to remove several hundred pounds of weight from the standard model. The picture shows the standard model (top left) and a rendering of the 34G (bottom right).

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