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Charter yacht ‘Angara’...

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Her conversion from ex-Nazi navy and later Soviet-government yacht 'Aviso Hela' began three months ago.

JULY 2011

Work has started in the Black Sea city of Sevastopol on the conversion of the 1940-launched German-built motoryacht Aviso Hela to charter yacht Angara on April 29, ’11. Italian entrepreneur Antonio Crispino is the project’s prime mover, although there is also a silent Russian partner.
Naval architecture and engineering of the project are in the hands of Mario Grasso’s Navirex and Francesco Rogantin‘s studio. And the project manager is Fausto Corradini.
She has quite a history. Her keel was laid in ‘37 and she entered service in ‘40 as the flagship of the German submarine fleet, so served as gross-admiral Karl Doenitz’s flagship. During the Second World War she also served as the Nazi government’s yacht and as such entertained all sorts of senior officials including Hitler himself.
Then in 1946 she was commandeered by the Soviet Union and used by Soviet premieres such as Stalin, Kruschev and Breznev. Antonio Crispino finally acquired her in a very dilapidated state from the Russian Navy in ‘07.
During her conversion she will get a completely new diesel-electric installation, which ultimately will propel her along at up to 20 knots, and a modern-day superyacht interior.
Once relaunched, MY Angara will accommodate up to 12 guests with a crew of 20.

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