New Venice-Montecarlo record...

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New Venice-Montecarlo record...

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A Fabio Buzzi-designed and built Stab 48 averaged 51.9 knots on the 1,141nm voyage. Its engines and fuel consumption were virtually half that of the previous record holder.


Designed and built by Fabio Buzzi’s company FB Design, a '48 Stab', powered by twin 650hp FPT diesels, has set a new record time for the run between Venice and Montecarlo It completed the 1,141nm course on September 25 having burned 5,355 litres of diesel and made just one fuel stop. The elapsed time was 22 hours 13 minutes and 17 seconds, which means an average speed on 51.9 knots.
Set in ’04, the previous record holder used a boat with twin 1,300hp engines; it burned 10,800 litres of diesel and made three fuel stops, which translates to a 47-knot average.
The achievement underscores not only the reliability of the overall boat, but also the fuel efficiency of the Stab concept – which combines the performance characteristics of multi-stepped raceboat hull and aits anti-stuff bow with RIB-like tubes aft for extra stability – and her FPT engines, ZF boxes and Trimax surface drives.

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