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Yachtbuilder International is set to become the No1 boatbuilding/OEM media platform... Why? Because it will deliver real insight into a complicated industry that spans the entire globe and everyone in that industry will have free access to it 24/7... What you will find here is the most interesting news and developments, delivered in the most accessible multimedia format... We're very confident this is what you've always wanted!

YBI consists of this site, which carries a mix of news stories, intelligent analysis of the latest industry news and new products, as well as a searchable archive and essential source-book directories and calendars. Plus it hosts Yachtbuilder International Magazine, the world’s first only-digital page-turning marine B2B title, complete with masses of multimedia content - videos and slideshows.

Yes Yachtbuilder International Magazine will become everything you could want of an industry read; and it's all just a mouse click away from the righthand side of your computer screen now. Click once on the issue front cover and you're in. The magazine will open using the normal browser. You turn the pages by clicking on the page corners or using the arrows on the tool bar above the pages. Once you get used to it, it's so easy to move around quickly and efficiently and zoom in and out as you like.

And the content will be razor-sharp.Yachtbuilder International Magzine's editor/publisher Phil Draper has spent the past 21 years reporting on the marine leisure industry globally and so has a quite unique perspective. He has been responsible for launching and editing a number of industry titles over the years, but Yachtbuilder International takes the whole process to the next level.

Make no mistake, this is B2B publishing for the 21st century.

Eventually all the best magazines will work this way!

So why is Yachtbuilder International such a big step forward?  

About Yachtbuilder InternationalSimple. The benefits of digital media over the paper competition are clear.


Why BIGGER?  Because there’s no paper, printing and postage involved, all the rules change. An 'e-magazine' can be as big and bright as its stories demand. Extra space doesn't impact production costs to anything like the same degree as a conventional paper magazine, so editorially it represents the ultimate media...

Why BETTER?  Because this e-magazine is not merely a digital version of a paper magazine, it includes all sorts of multi-media content — soundtracks, slideshows and videos! So it is everything the best paper title can be, plus a whole lot more. Check out how Yachtbuilder International Magazine works. Not only can you read comments from key people in the industry, but some of the them can be seen talking to camera. The video clips jump out of the pages; you get to see expressions, hear inflections! In our issues we'll show you processes performed and how equipment works. All this and more will regularly pop from the pages of Yachtbuilder International.

Why QUICKER?  Because there’s no paper involved with Yachtbuilder International Magazine, there's no time at the printer, no time in conventional post, and when the subscripiton list is truly global, time in the mail can be hugely significant... Once laid up and loaded onto its server, Yachtbuilder International Magazine ‘goes live’ online instantly.  And as said its all there 24/7 — nothing to pay, no compulsory log-in, and nothing to download.

All the digital benefits work for YBI advertisers too. Not only does this site deliver very affordable banner advertising opportunities, the 100-plus-page digital magazine issues carry conventional display advertising. On-screen display ads look their very best in this format; they're backlit and vivid and without the usual distortion and often-muddy printing seen with paper media. And those ads can carry slideshows, soundtracks and videos too. This means that advertisers can literally talk to their potential customers, demonstrate their wares.
Moreover, every ad’s website address includes a live link!

About Yachtbuilder InternationalWhy CHEAPER? For the readers, the whole platform is free to view, so cost doesn't come into it. But being paperless, all the advertising opportunities here become really cost effective. Not only will Yachtbuilder International eventually attract far bigger audiences than any of its paper ‘competitors’, but also the overall costs of all promotional opportunities will be much, much lower — a huge plus, particularly in these challenging recessionary times!

About Yachtbuilder InternationalIndeed Yachtbuilder International Magazine's display advertising rates are likely to be between a third and a half of the paper rivals, whose carbon footprints incidentally are looking increasingly inappropriate in these environmentally considerate times.

Yes, Yachtbuilder International Magazine is the new required read for marine industry top management, as well as designers, production managers, product managers, project managers, department heads and foreman, equipment manufacturers, materials suppliers, dealers and brokers, anyone in fact with a professional interest in the way pleasureboats — big and small, power and sail — are designed, built, sold and maintained. It will give this industry’s executives what they need — essential marine market intel and technical insight — available 24/7 and fully searchable!

About Yachtbuilder InternationalThere was one issue of Yachtbuilder International in '09 — Issue No1, Jun/Jul '09. Issue No2 went live in mid-Feb '10 and Issue No3 goes live in early May. In all there will be six issues in 2010 as we settle down to our bi-monthly frequency.

Yachtbuilder International represents the future for marine industry B2B publishing.

About Yachtbuilder InternationalNow if you haven't already done so, go check out the bumper Yachtbuilder International Magazine Issues 1 & 2.

Just click the front covers to the right of your screen now! They should load in under 10 seconds with a reasonable broadband connection.

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Phil Draper
— Managing Director, Yachtbuilder International Media Ltd