New MD for SYS...

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New MD for SYS...


The Oyster Group has appointed Robert Kathro as MD at the Southampton new-build, refit, repair and maintenance yard with effect from April 6.

MARCH 2010

A qualified naval architect, Robert Kathro has a strong and varied background in manufacturing and the marine industry, combining technical and strategic consultancy experience. His appointment allows the yard’s founder, Piers Wilson, to ease into his retirement over the next few years without disruption to the operation’s new-build and refit services.
Kathro’s appointment also allows SYS (Southampton Yacht Services) technical director Harvey Jones to expand on the essential role he has developed over the past year with Oyster’s superyacht projects under construction at RMK Marine in Tuzla, Turkey.
SYS plays an increasingly important role within the Oyster Group, which it joined in December 2000 after several years of collaboration as a subcontractor. Presently it builds the new Oyster 625s, as well as a number of other Oyster models from 18.3-25m (60-82ft). Plus it continues to offer the refit and restoration services that it started with back in 1980.
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