Enhanced control system for Humphree's Interceptors...

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Enhanced control system for Humphree's Interceptors...

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An all-new control system for Humphree's Interceptors delivers the ultimate in fine-tuning; major improvements in performance are promised.

Swedish company Humphree has developed a completely new control module for its famous Interceptor trim tabs. This latest development is said to fine-tune just about every aspect of its systems’ performance, whether installed aboard yachts or ferries.
Especially impressive is the ATOS (automatic trim optimisation system) function, which offers huge potential fuel savings – a 10-15 per cent reduction is claimed – on any planing or semi-planing hulls from as small as 13m (43ft) up to 100m (330ft) and more.
And the new Active ride control system not only trims but also stabilises.
Humphree Interceptors – often referred to as ‘super tabs’ – replace traditional trim tabs and provide improved fuel consumption, cut CO2 and NOx emissions, increase speed and improve acceleration as well as onboard comfort. They can easily be adopted to fit any shape of hull, even those with propeller tunnels and waterjet installations. They are also useful for reducing waves and wash, which is important for vessels operating in ‘sensitive’ areas; wake or wave height can be reduced by 20 per cent or more.
For more, www.humphree.com.

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