Hurricane-proof yacht cradles...

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Hurricane-proof yacht cradles...

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The Yacht Leg & Cradle Co is increasingly winning orders from bad weather zones around the world.

APRIL 2009

The UK’s Yacht Leg and Cradle Company (YLCC) recently delivered 10 of its new large yacht cradles to one of the biggest marinas on Antigua. The island’s Jolly Harbour Marina chose the new cradles because they have been designed specifically to withstand extreme weather conditions. The use of ground anchors and lashing straps with these cradles assist in the security of the yachts in winds gusting up to Force 12.
Their galvanised steel structures are suitable for yachts with LOAs up to 23m (75ft) and with draughts of under 3m (10ft).
Thanks to their modular design, not only do these cradles store efficiently ashore when not in service, but also a large number will fit into a standard size container.
Keen to improve the safety of stored yachts ashore in this hurricane-prone region, insurance companies are encouraging yard owners to use professionally engineered cradles. YLCC has also recently taken orders from Nanny Cay Marina in the British Virgin Islands and the Baileys Boatyard in Antigua.
Jolly Harbour is a full service marina with 130 berths and long-term, insurance-approved, hurricane storage ashore for up to 200 boats.
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