US patent for Storm-Surge Anchoring System...

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US patent for Storm-Surge Anchoring System...

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The Colligo Marine development is said to keep boats secure in even the nastiest winds and waves.

APRIL 2009

Mesa, Arizona-based Colligo Marine has received a US patent for its ‘Storm-Surge Anchoring System’, which allows for the placement of three anchors on a swivel and three lines back to the boat. The solution means boats can swivel on their anchors without getting chains and warps twisted around each other. The minimum breaking strength for this heavy-duty system is over 13.6 tonnes (30,000 lbs), enough for medium size yachts to cope with hurricane-force winds and waves.
It comes complete with galvanized bridle plates, shackles and a swivel.
Mono and multi-hull models are available too.
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