Major upgrade for iSiMON 'app'...

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Major upgrade for iSiMON 'app'...

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Palladium Technologies has just released a major upgrade for its iPhone/iPod Touch application for the renowned SiMON monitoring, alarm and control software for large yachts.


Known as iSiMON, it was the first and only ‘native’ (not web-based) monitoring application for yachts designed for the iconic Apple devices, and now it is a whole lot better. A richer graphic menu provides more functionality in both portrait and landscape modes along with the ability to effortlessly scroll through the screens. Many new displays and control views have been added to iSiMON extending the capability.
“Our rich graphic presentation in our main SiMON system has always been our signature,” says Michael Blake, the company’s president and ‘chief technology officer’. “But this latest development on the Apple platform means we can push our rich designs even further... It is simpler to use, but stronger in terms of functionality. Really life-like switches allow captains and engineers to turn on and off such items as outside lights, pumps, horns etc from their iPhone/iPod Touch while roaming the yacht.”
Palladium was selected early on by Apple as one of the select Beta developers for the iPhone/iPod Touch. To date Palladium is the only native application for a monitoring, alarm and control system running on the iPhone/iTouch.
iSiMON application is also available as a download on Apple’s iTunes Store.
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