Bigger yacht cradles popular in the Caribbean...

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Bigger yacht cradles popular in the Caribbean...

New Products

The UK-based Yacht Leg & Cradle Company (YLCC) has expanded its range.


Allowing for drafts of up to 3m (10ft) these heavy-duty galvanized-steel cradles can accommodate yachts of up to 26m (85ft).
They have proved particularly popular in the hurricane zones of the Caribbean. Indeed two dozen were recently delivered to Baileys Boatyard in Falmouth, Antigua.
“Insurance companies are usually keen to have all boats stored ashore in professionally engineered cradles, but when it comes to the larger, high-end cruising and racing yachts, it becomes essential, says YLCC managing director Paul Williams. “With its high proportion of yachts over 18m (60ft) and extreme wind conditions, the Caribbean now accounts for 20 per cent of our overall cradle sales.”

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