DeepFlight 'Necker Nymph'...

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DeepFlight 'Necker Nymph'...

New Products

Graham Hawkes’ Hawkes Ocean Technologies is delivering one of its new DeepFlight Merlin three-man winged submarines to Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island resort in the Caribbean.


Unlike all conventional submersibles, which use ballast to sink in the water, the DeepFlight submersibles uses downward ‘lift’ on the wings to fly down to depth. It is hydrobatic — occupants need to be scuba divers — those three faired cockpits are open and provide 360º viewing for pilot and guests.
Hawkes Ocean Technologies now offers a range of submersibles that can dive from the surface to the deepest parts of the ocean.
In recent years, the company has delivered full ocean-depth submersible for the late adventurer, Steve Fossett, as well as an underwater flier for venture capitalist, Tom Perkins and his former high-profile yacht Maltese Falcon. All the ultralight DeepFlight submersibles can be operated from boat or from shore. The Necker Island Necker Nymph sub will be capable of launching from the Necker Belle, the resport's 32m (105ft) charter cat.

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