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New TRAC Flushing Points...

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The latest Trinity Yachts launches have them.

JUNE 2010

The recent Trinity Yachts’ launches 43.3m (142ft) Big Zip, 50m (164ft) Imagine and 58m (190ft) Mi Sueno are all equipped with the latest Flushing Points from TRAC Ecological Marine Products.
Flushing Points are isolating valves that allow the quick and easy internal cleaning of sea water-cooled systems (engines, generators, A/C, refrigeration) and piping – without disassembly and at a fraction of the cost of mechanical cleaning methods. For example, if a yacht is equipped with flushing points, engine overheating, AC high pressure or any other flow problem can be solved within hours with the turn of a valve and the circulation throughout the system of TRAC’s Barnacle Buster product, which will safely cleans raw-water cooling systems from intake to discharge without harming equipment, gaskets or seals.
TRAC Ecological offers yacht builders a training programme on how and where to install flushing points for best results.

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